Ocular Allergy

Ocular allergies are a major source of discomfort and annoyance. If you have suffered from ocular allergies, you may dread those red, itchy, watery eyes that occur each spring (or fall), or when you visit a friends’ home with pets in the house.

In extreme cases, you may even have to curtail outdoor or other social activities and lose time from school or work.

Approximately 20% of the U.S. population suffers from the signs and symptoms of ocular allergies. Because OTC (over the counter) medications exist, many patients don’t report problems to their eye doctor. However, these OTC’s frequently leave a lot to be desired. Common problems include the side effects of stinging, burning, and increased ocular redness. Patients unhappy with OTC products are often unaware that there are more effective, longer-acting, better-tolerated prescription products available.

The first step in providing relief to the allergy patient lies in obtaining a careful history identifying when symptoms occur, how frequently they occur, and how long they last-even in the off-season. Because the allergic reaction usually dissipates after a short period of time, allergy sufferers may not ever remember to discuss these problems with their eye doctor. Our new health and medical questionnaire specifically asks questions designed to determine whether you might need assistance for eye allergy problems.

New prescription medications have hit the market during the last several years that can make a marked difference in providing the allergy sufferer with relief. If you need help with this problem (or know someone who needs our assistance) make sure you ask us at your next visit.